• arynnoelle

    7 months ago

    I absolutely love this product, but was saddened the last time I bought it. It was all separated, and I thought maybe it had just been sitting there for awhile and it was still good. [Plus, the expiration is next years so I didn't really think twice] And that it just needed a good mix. Now that I've read these comments I realize I was wrong and I don't even know if I can return it to the store from which I bought it, which really sucks because it's definitely not a cheap product. :(

  • osubuckeye59

    1 year ago

    ~1 year ago my wife and I switched from the "traditional" mayo brands (i.e. Hellman's, Miracle Whip, etc.) to the Grapeseed version of Vegenaise. Between the two of us we will consume a 32 oz. jar in 2 weeks, and within 1 week in the summer, or when one or more of our 3 sons visit for any length of time. Within the past month we've had 2 jars turn quite "runny" almost immediately upon opening. The flavor is still great, but the consistency is more liquid than firm. The expiration dates are in October of this year, so I'm guessing that because we're now exiting the winter months, the jars we've recently purchased were more than likely subjected to freezing temps somewhere between the factory and transport to the Portland, OR area where we live. Is this a correct assumption on my part? We generally purchase the product from one of several Whole Foods stores in our area. We've previously purchased from locally-owned New Seasons Market, but their price is almost $2.00 greater/jar than @Whole Foods.

  • gwink03

    2 years, 3 months ago

    Just bought my first jar of Veganaise. It's so good! I was a mayonaise lover, and since I am trying to go vegan I haven't had it in ages. Now I have found a substitute that is just as good - thanks!

  • sheenabliss

    2 years, 6 months ago

    We apologize for your disappointing experience with Organic Vegenaise. Vegenaise becomes runny and separates when it is exposed to freezing temperatures at the distributor, retailer or during shipping. Sometimes the product is stored too close to the refrigerator fan and can accidentally freeze, which breaks the emulsion and leads to runniness and separation. If you can let us know the "Use By" date on the jar and where you purchased it, we will follow up to ensure that the product is stored consistently between 36-41F. We will also be happy to mail you free product coupons to replace the unusable jars. You can email us directly at We take the quality of our products very seriously and appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback.

  • loudav777

    2 years, 7 months ago

    I bought a 32 oz jar from whole foods, used it for potatoe salad, it was runny like yogurt, everyone was not happy with the looks, I am taking the jar back don't think I will buy again, this is second time it was all runny full of oil

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